Why Choose The Pup Life?

It’s simple.

We hold firm in our belief in providing puppies with the best care possible. And do not compromise when it comes to upholding our stringent ethical practices.

We ensure that all our puppies are provided with a clean and nurturing environment, and given what they need to thrive. So they can love long and paws-per!

We work solely with breeders who meet our strict screening criteria. We are firm believers in ethical breeding and strongly condone overbreeding and puppy mills.

The Pup Life Process

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to bringing your new best friend home!


1. What is included in the cost of a puppy at The Pup Life?

The cost includes obtaining a pre-flight Health Clearance Certificate for your puppy, ​​the cost of microchipping it, and ensuring that it has all the required vaccinations. Alongside health checks and reports by a veterinarian in Singapore, and The Pup Life’s Puppy Starter Kit.

2. What is included in The Pup Life’s Puppy Starter Kit ?

The Pup Life’s Puppy Starter Kit includes a food bowl, toys, pee tray and pads.

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