Is the temperament assessment mandatory?

To ensure a positive experience for all, new furry friends must attend a 1-hour playstyle and sociability assessment. Once they “pass,” we suggest they come to daycare before their first boarding stay to get used to the new environment. During the assessment, we look for any aggressive behavior or actions that could disrupt the harmony of the pack. Dogs who exhibit such behaviors may not be suitable for daycare or boarding.

What vaccination will my furkid need?

In order to attend the assessment, all dogs must have received the 5 CORE vaccinations (Canine Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, and Leptospira) within the past 12 months. For the safety of all, BFF also requires an additional vaccine, Bordetella/Kennel Cough, for all daycare and boarding guests. Parasite and heartworm prevention are also mandatory.

Must my furkid be neutered/ spayed?

Male dogs that have not been neutered can join group play if they don’t cause problems like fights or excessive mounting during playtime. Female dogs who are in heat won’t be allowed in daycare for three weeks to a month. Dogs that display occasional excessive marking or mounting behavior may have to wear a diaper or manner band, while dogs that show excessively dominant behavior will be separated from the group as needed.

Is my furkid taken care of 24-7

The Pup Life staff offers around-the-clock ‘live-in’ care for your pets. If you require after-hours services or emergency check-in/out, we can accommodate your request, but additional fees may apply.

Why is my furkid tired after Boarding?

Staying in a hotel can be super fun for dogs, and they may spend most of the day playing and having a great time. As a result, they might feel quite tired and sore for a day or two after they leave.

Why is my furkid extremely thirsty after Daycare?

Dogs that play non-stop and exert themselves too much tend to drink less water, causing them to get thirsty. They may pant excessively due to overexcitement, leading to dehydration. To avoid vomiting, it is recommended to encourage your pet to drink water slowly and in small quantities once they return home.

Will my furkid go on walks in a pack?

At The Pup Life, we plan a morning and evening walk for dogs, weather permitting. But don’t worry, pets can get plenty of exercise indoors while being entertained, socializing, running, and playing in a temperature-controlled environment throughout the day.

Can meals be prepared for my furkid?

It’s recommended that you bring your pet’s own food to maintain his usual diet and avoid any digestive issues. Don’t forget to include instructions on how to prepare the food.

Can I bring my furkid belongings?

You must bring a collar/harness and a name tag for your pet. When boarding, you can also bring their bed, toys, and an old t-shirt with your scent on it. However, make sure the toys are not too small and can be used safely by pets of all sizes. It’s best not to bring valuable or irreplaceable items, and all belongings should be labeled clearly.

Do dog fights happen at play group?

While our staff keeps a close eye on the dogs and their interactions to maintain a friendly atmosphere, it’s still possible for rare incidents such as dog fights to happen. Dogs that love playing and wrestling may sometimes get minor injuries and scratches. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have pet insurance as a precaution. In case of a fight, the dog will be separated from the pack.